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Inflation and market volatility are among top concerns of American investors, according to new F&G survey

Nearly three quarters of American investors (73%) are very or somewhat worried about inflation impacting their retirement, according to a new survey from F&G. The second annual Risk Tolerance Tracker asked American investors1 how the events of the last six to nine months have shifted their views on risk.


61% of American investors are generally worried about their retirement income, which is fairly consistent to findings in 2020 (60%), highlighting that when it comes to their retirement, investors' concerns are not easing up.

Investors noted their top concerns as:

Inflation 81%
Increasing health care costs 78%
Market volatility 64%

American investors still avoiding risk though slightly less so in 2021 than in 2020


69% of American investors are less likely to take financial risks based on the events of the last six to nine months compared to 74% in 2020.

Gen X : age 40-55

67% of Gen X less likely to take financial risks  compared to 72% in 2020

Baby Boomers : age 56-74

70% of Baby Boomers less likely to take financial risks compared to 75% in 2020

New Opportunities


36% of investors say they would be more likely to explore a new financial product they haven't used before post-COVID than they were prior to the pandemic, as compared to only 28% in 2020.


Only 15% of respondents say they own an annuity. 


Among Baby Boomers, those closest to (or already in) retirement, only 22% own annuities.

Majority of American investors are not working with a financial advisor


61% say they do not work with financial advisors.

Top reasons for not working with a financial advisor:

36% High fees
27% They already know what they're doing
26% They don't feel they have enough investable income

Talking with a financial and insurance professional can help you turn your retirement aspirations into reality.

Talk with a financial professional

Chris Blunt

An advisor can help people figure out what really matters, design a road map and solutions to provide peace of mind around unexpected risks and help them avoid reactive decisions that can damage their long-term financial plan."

Chris Blunt - President & CEO of F&G

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1 To qualify for the survey, respondents had to have sole or shared financial decision-making responsibility for their household and own financial products valued at $10,000 or more.

Survey Methodology
This Xcelerant Survey was conducted online by Directions Research and fielded from September 23 to October 1, 2021 among a demographically balanced nationally representative sample of 1,676 U.S. adults 30 years of age and older. Completed interviews are weighted by five variables: age, sex, geographic region, race and education to ensure reliable and accurate representation of the total U.S. population, 18 years of age and older. Weighting factors for each respondent are developed through a custom algorithm.

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