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F&G Exclusive: Income Planning in an Inflationary Time

With inflation concerns topping the charts of both retirees and pre-retirees, F&G took a look at how our recently launched F&G Safe Income Advantage® fixed indexed annuity may help in income planning.


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Income Planning in an Inflationary Time

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F&G Retirement Survey Resources

In 2022, we completed a survey to learn how Americans aged 50+ are thinking about retirement. The survey results showed that inflation, recession and healthcare costs continue to be top concerns when it comes to retirement.

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Fidelity & Guaranty Life Insurance Company (F&G) offers a diverse portfolio of fixed and indexed deferred annuities and optional additional features. Before purchasing, consider your financial situation and alternatives available to you. Your F&G financial professional can help you determine the suitable alternatives for your goals and needs, or visit us at fglife.comfor more information.

This is a fixed deferred indexed annuity providing minimum guaranteed surrender values. You should understand how the minimum guaranteed surrender values are determined and the product features used to determine the values. Even though contract values may be affected by external indexes, the contract annuity is not an investment in the stock market and does not participate in any stock, bond or equity investments.

Surrender charges [and market value adjustment] may apply to partial and full surrenders. Surrenders may be taxable and may be subject to penalties prior to age 59 ½.