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The Aspirement blog posts

F&G’s blog, the Aspirement, aims to provide educational, applicable and authentic information for people interested in fixed indexed life insurance and/or fixed indexed annuities.

Take a look through the posts and choose which you want to share. All you need to do is copy the post’s URL and paste it in your social post. Be sure to tag F&G in your post as well.

Below are the categories each blog is sorted into:

Annuity Answers

These articles describe what an annuity is, the different types of annuities F&G sells and their benefits, how interest rates are set, how taxes on an annuity work, etc.

Life Lessons

These articles detail what fixed indexed universal life insurance is, situational considerations for applying for an FIUL, how much life insurance you need, steps to buying life insurance, etc.

Real World

This section addresses concerns like how to navigate difficult conversations with loved ones, how taking a loan out against a policy could help with unexpected events, what documents you need and how to keep them organized, tips for living off retirement savings, etc.

Social posts


F&G ranked #1 in customer satisfaction

LinkedIn Post Copy:

We’re excited to share F&G was ranked #1 in customer satisfaction among annuity providers in a recent study conducted by J.D. Power.

F&G ranked first across all five study factors including product offerings, interaction, statements, price and communication. Receiving recognition from J.D. Power is an exciting milestone for us as a company and a strong testament to our effort to turn aspirations into reality.

Read the announcement: #JDPower #annuities #financialplanning #customersatisfaction

F&G is ranked #1 Click image to download image

Work with the #1 annuity company for customer satisfaction

LinkedIn Post Copy:

Annuities are long-term retirement solutions that can help you achieve financial security and success. At F&G, we really know annuities – and we’ve been recognized by J.D. Power as the top annuity company for customer satisfaction.

Explore how we can help turn your retirement aspirations into reality:

#JDPower #annuities #financialplanning #customersatisfaction

Work with the #1 Click image to download image

BlackRock Market Advantage

LinkedIn Post Copy:

@F&G has partnered with the world’s largest global asset manager1 on their new BlackRock Market Advantage Index™ that offers better diversification across asset classes, resulting in more balanced portfolios. Get to know what makes BlackRock Market Advantage stand out:
1Based on number of ETFs, AUM and market share as of 3/31/23.

F&G now partnering with BlackRock, a brand we know and trust Click image to download image

Help clarify the facts about annuities

LinkedIn Post Copy:

@F&G values transparency, and they’re prepared to clarify the facts. Learn the truth behind common #annuity myths:

Dispelling Annuity Myths Click image to download image

Income planning in an inflationary time

LinkedIn Post Copy:

With inflation concerns rising, @F&G looked at how their recently launched F&G Safe Income Advantage® fixed indexed annuity may help with future income planning.

Learn more here:

Cover of downloadable whitepaper. Click image to download image

LIMRA's important buying factors

LinkedIn Post Copy:

When purchasing an #annuity, it is important to consider the factors that drive that purchase. Here are the top factors that @LIMRA Retirement Institute reported for new and replacement buyers.

Most important factors during the annuity buying decision. Click image to download image

General F&G

Turn aspirations into reality

LinkedIn Post Copy:

Join the nearly 800,000 people protected who trust @F&G to help turn their aspirations into reality:

We are F&G. We work hard to help people turn their aspirations into reality. Click image to download image

Plan for life's unexpected events

LinkedIn Post Copy:

Unexpected life events happen every day. @F&G has the #lifeinsurance and #annuity solutions to protect against those unexpected events:

F&G's annuity and life insurance solutions can protect you during life's unexpected events. Click image to download image

Provide security with life and annuity solutions

LinkedIn Post Copy:

@F&G offers #annuity and #lifeinsurance solutions that can provide security for those looking to protect their loved ones:

You may be seeking some security for you and your loved ones. F&G's annuities and life insurance solutions are equipped to do just that. Click image to download image

Life Insurance

Let clients know that F&G's underwriting programs can be easy

LinkedIn Post Copy:

@F&G’s underwriting programs are designed to make the process easy. According to F&G’s internal reporting, most of their clients are underwritten without any invasive medical requirements through their Exam-Free Underwriting Program.

#LIAM22 #GetLifeInsurance #LifeInsuranceAwarenessMonth

Text that reads, Click image to download image

Share more detail about F&G's exam-free underwriting program

LinkedIn Post Copy:

@F&G offers Exam-Free Underwriting for applicants ages 0-60* up to $1,000,000** which means no invasive medical requirements.

#GetLifeInsurance #LifeInsuranceAwarenessMonth

Text that reads, Click image to download image

Educate your clients on juvenile FIULs

LinkedIn Post Copy:

@F&G is proud to assist in the multi-generational planning for families by providing a fixed indexed universal life insurance (FIUL) solution on a juvenile insured (age 15 days through 17 years).

See how a juvenile FIUL can provide flexibility to help prepare for different life stages:

#LifeInsuranceAwarenessMonth #LifeInsurance #LIAM22 #GetLifeInsurance

Purple background with a young teenage boy holding a backpack. Text that reads, Click image to download image

Explain living benefit riders

LinkedIn Post Copy:

Accelerated death benefit riders are often referred to as “living benefit riders” because they offer protection while you’re still alive. Learn about the living benefit riders on @F&G #lifeinsurance solutions: 

Accelerated death benefit rider = Living benefit riders. Click image to download image

Educate about living benefits

LinkedIn Post Copy:

@F&G provides additional living benefits for #lifeinsurance policies. Read more about the benefits now:

You can have additional benefits while you're still living. Click image to download image

Share death benefit options

LinkedIn Post Copy:

#Lifeinsurance provides many financial planning solutions, including death benefits for loved ones. Discover more benefits from @F&G now:

Death benefits are there for your family when you may need it most. Click image to download image

Help people prepare with this checklist of important documents

LinkedIn Post Copy:

People want to get their affairs together but don't always know where to start. That's why @F&G created a #checklist of important documents to help prepare for when the time is necessary.

Checklist of Important Documents/Items Click image to download image

Understand benefits for life's "what ifs"

LinkedIn Post Copy:

#Lifeinsurance provides many solutions, and it’s an important part in creating a secure financial plan. Most importantly, it provides a death benefit for loved ones when they need it most. Life insurance also offers additional living benefits. Visit the @F&G website to learn more:

Understand your benefits and the value they provide for life's Click image to download image

Retirement Research

See the latest retirement research

LinkedIn Post Copy:

Four out of five Americans age 50+ (80%) say they’re worried about inflation in #retirement, according to our new retirement survey. This feeling is even more acute among pre-retirees (84%) vs 76% of retirees. The survey also showed 71% of Americans are worried about a recession and 66% are worried about rising healthcare costs.

See more of the data that @F&G’s survey uncovered:

#RetirementResearch #RetirementPlanning

Text that reads: 4 out of 5 Americans over age 50 are worried about inflation in retirement. Click image to download image

Share how many pre-retirees find it unrealistic to retire without working part-time

LinkedIn Post Copy:

Many Americans aged 50+ expect to work in #retirement. One-third of pre-retirees (31%) say it’s unrealistic for them to retire without working at least part time. Learn why in this recent @F&G survey:

#RetirementResearch #RetirementPlanning

Text that reads: 1/3 of pre-retirees (31%) say it's unrealistic for them to retire without working at least part time. Click image to download image

Explain why pre-retirees expect to work in retirement

LinkedIn Post Copy:

A recent #retirement survey from @F&G revealed that 55% of pre-retirees expect to work part time in retirement to cover day-to-day expenses, compared to just 15% of retirees. Read more reasons why Americans age 50+ are expecting to work in retirement:

#RetirementResearch #RetirementPlanning

Text that reads: 55% of pre-retirees expect to work in retirement to cover day-to-day expenses vs. just 15% of retirees. Click image to download image

Share why survey respondents plan to work into retirement and their 70s

LinkedIn Post Copy:

Respondents to a recent @F&G survey say they plan to continue working in retirement and into their 70s. Here’s why:

  • 40% said they need the money
  • 39% said they would like to have more financial options and a larger safety net
  • 43% enjoy the social aspect of working

Learn how Americans ages 50+ are thinking about their retirement: #RetirementResearch #RetirementPlanning

Text above a chart: Click image to download image

Share what survey respondents find important with their financial retirement decisions

LinkedIn Post Copy:

A recent @F&G survey of Americans age 50+ found that steady income for the rest of their lives was the most important objective (67%) when making financial decisions on their #retirement plan. However, only 19% have an #annuity, which can provide this type of steady income throughout retirement.

See more of F&G’s findings:

#RetirementResearch #RetirementPlanning

Text next to a chart: Click image to download image