Life After the Great Recession for Older Workers

The recent Great Recession profoundly impacted the retirement security of older Americans. Learn how the slow recovery from the downturn will continue to impact their quality of life going forward.

Brian Grigg, our Vice President of Annuity Distribution, recently interviewed economist, Dr. Matthew S. Rutledge, about these effects and the resulting stunted employment growth for this age group. 

Their findings, discussed in this brief white paper, include the two-pronged impact on older workers

  • Loss of financial assets and home equity
  • Weak labor market coupled with high unemployment rates

Learn more about the realities of retirement income by downloading "The Effects of the Great Recession on the Retirement Security of Older Workers" today!

Learn How Retirement Security Has Changed for Older Retirees

Matthew RutledgeMatthew S. Rutledge is a research economist at the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College.  He conducts research on health insurance coverage, disability insurance application, the long-run effects of public disability receipt, unemployment insurance, Social Security claiming behavior, income volatility, and the effect of the macroeconomy on older workers.  Before joining the Center, he earned a doctorate in economics from the University of Michigan in the fields of health economics, labor economics, and public finance.  He has also worked for the Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.